Last words

Posted by Alec Newald on March 2, 2013 at 3:40 AM

And she said.

“You are resistant, immune, this means nothing to you but to us it is everything. You do not know how many have gone before, tested, but not immune to the one thing that has always been our nemesis on planet prime (earth)

Now there are several, you will meet with them your grouping will allow us to progress so that soon my kind will live among you my brother.

The one who was mostly responsible for your existence as an earthling you have met. She is very proud of you, one day soon, even though she has told you different, she will reside back on earth with you.

When this happens you have good reason to become excited, for we will be there also. Perhaps in the not to distance earth future you will once again see the results of all this even though you and I will not meet again you will see my brothers and sisters.

We have always been protecting prime, for it is our future home. Do not believe the stories of war

We do not fight humans as we do not fight our brothers and sisters, only your kind do that.

Let your eyes see the sun do not hide from a friend.

Zeena’s last words to me.

(and so I wonder when I see an asteroid heading for earth destoyed buy an unkown object, something akin to a UFO, I just wonder who was driving it?)

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Reply BadHairDay
5:26 PM on March 14, 2013 
Hi Alec. Long time. I cant help but correlate some of what Zeena says with seeding of ideas and technology within our culture. I am specifically referring to passive weaponry and devices. I would define this tech as a means of rendering conventional weapons and control systems useless, inert. It would be viewed as a weapon by those who have their armies 'switched off', but in reality, it is a device that just removes the threat of war and pointless killing.
Reply Alec Newald
5:29 PM on March 15, 2013 
BHD, get yourself back on CHANI, been missing your input.
Reply Kathy Spurr
1:07 AM on March 21, 2013 
Hi Alec, I discovered you through David Griffin. Like yourself and many others are searchng for the truth and want to help humanity. For children who are not being exposed, I've written a children's science fiction novel and am writing a sequel. I have your book and will re-read for answers, and appreciate if you would answer the following to help me with my endeavor. I apologize if you address these questions in your book and I missed the info. 1) Are the "Blues" and "Zetas" the same race having similar agendas of hybrid breeding to exist on the Earth, if not do they plan on co-existing on the Earth? 2) What spiritual beliefs do the Blues have, do they believe in a prime creator, souls, etc.? 3) Do you believe in Planet X / Nibiru and the crust / pole shift Gordan James Giannitono and Zeta Talk discuss? Thank you so much for all you do. Kathy