What's Up. ..Africa maybe?

Posted by Alec Newald on July 8, 2013 at 7:25 PM

What’s up?

One morning in late 2010 I leapt out of bed with the compulsion to start up a web site dictated to my personal extraterrestrial interactions. After 20 years of no personal presence on the internet in spite of having had one of the most amazing interactions of all time, why then?

Answer, something was telling me things had changed the game was on!

Exactly the same thing happened to a lesser degree in 2007, a precursor dream had told me the Gulf of Mexico was in danger (again and soon) something was “afoot” as Holmes might say. And we all know what happened there soon after!

Was this only instinct and if it was, what form of instinct gets one out of bed to partake in the biggest sojourn of one’s life as far as terrestrial travel was concerned, right through the Americas?

So what was the 2010 event all about?

I’ve been hinting for months maybe a year or more, Africa is the next target.

Reunion Island, Reunion Island, Reunion Island!

The Blue ETs, let’s call them that for convenience, are not here for the fun of it, they have a stake in planet earth just like we all do. Everyone is here for a reason some reasons might coincide with human needs and wants some might not! It’s no point in me suggesting to you who might be good for us or who might be bad. I respect Nex Ed’s stand of sitting on the fence. At least that way you can’t back the wrong side. For without conclusive proof how can you know what others stand for?

All I know is the bun fight has already started if you have an interest in this subject you will recall just a few months ago Gordon Duff reported an underwater fight between Chinese and American warships and some nasty ETs

Note San Francisco, anything strange happen there lately? Look for someone most unlikely to cop the blame for the aircraft crash. I just wish I knew who was secretly onboard that plane.

Now’s it’s heads up folks, if someone tells me evil aliens have set up a base one day and then reports on American presidents going to visit other Aliens somewhere else the next day you can bet your boots this is an Alien-Alien war not a Human- Alien war.

The Blue ETs have set up an underwater base as close to Africa as they dare, this is at Reunion Island. They have also got bases off the coast of continental America, most likely off the East Coast of USA, because that is as close as they can get to the other rats nest of pure evil on this planet. Yes mainland USA. Do you really need to be told this?

So why am I not surprised when another story comes out of ‘Veterans-today’

telling us about these possible meetings at a high level in Africa with possible (rumored) ETs.

Where do i get these ideas, well some come from the bathroom window, when I look out and see a cloud that looks like this.   Note the (other) clouds look totally normal


 So we use a little infra-red enhancement


Finally a little hi-tech image out-lining (might be a little hard to see) angle the page a bit to get better contrast







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Reply David
2:44 AM on July 14, 2013 
Hi Alec,
Is it possible to contact throurh telepathy with Zeena or someone else?
Thank you so much
Reply Alec Newald
5:44 AM on July 14, 2013 
David says...
Hi Alec,
Is it possible to contact throurh telepathy with Zeena or someone else?
Thank you so much
Sorry David no it's not possible
Reply David
7:19 AM on July 15, 2013 
Hi Alec,
Is there a way to contact one of them?
All my life i have been dreaming such a moment,and when i read your book,a flash of hope burn me,thinking to my self maybe me , too , would have the opportunity to meet one of them...
[/Alec Newald]
Reply Chris
3:50 AM on September 6, 2013 
I suppose if these alien folks hold back much longer there wont be a world to co-evolute with. WW3 just around the corner fukashima spewing out radiation. I wonder if these alien are behind it all? maybe there idea of co-evolution was to get humans off the planet so they could take over.
Reply Alec Newald
4:36 PM on October 29, 2013 
more than one type of ET visiting Earth Chris, or rather more than one type of ET living on Earth. I can only relate to you what I know of one race. The others agenda I do not know but some rumors are rather negative. just as many other rumors are positive. We are still here that's good sign!
Reply Dave
8:12 PM on November 6, 2013 
Hi Alec

what are your thoughts on cobra's material with regard to the event as they call it.

Thanks mate! cant wait for the day the world recognises your story for what it is.
Reply Herewini
7:11 AM on January 3, 2014 
Im watching the skys everyday, our weather is out of whack and so many people in my community don't even want to know. Im part of Tauranga UFO society that's why Ive started my own group in Whakatane. Helping to share information. thanks for that Alec, that confirms those strange cloud formations, chemtrails that's a biggy too.