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Coevolution the story that won't go away!

New much expanded edition due to be published soon

Preview of the back cover page

A Secret World

After apparently dying in an automobile accident, a man is projected into an artificial environment where he reconnects with an ancient family lineage.

After a brief stay in this stunning and enlightening alternate reality, he decides to return to earth to resume his former life, against the better judgment of his advisors at the time.

What ensues is a mind bending reality exposing trip into a dangerous and secret world few have ever been exposed to. This covert world is full of hi-technology and secret agendas carried out by personal from agencies few have come in contact with let alone survived to tell the tale.

His life is turned into an endurance test of personal will over dogmatic power regimes, designed to wear him down and spill the beans over what he has seen learnt and experienced in his short stay in the alternate reality. This odyssey span's 20 years and the final chapter may still remain unwritten.

A true story

I thought it was all over, I was wrong!

Photo above is mine taken a few years ago, taken though an open window of my house. With infrared enhancement it looks to be a hot or charged object in a manufactured cloud cover. Need I say it looks just like a classic saucer shaped UFO, and the cloud structure was nothing like the other clouds in the sky at that moment. This is the third UFO I have seen in the general area of the house I currently live in. The other two sighting leave nothing to doubt that were unlike anything you would ever expect to see in the sky.

11.11am NZ time Wednesday 8th December 2010

It has all started up again.

Almost 22 years had past now the dreams have come back and there are lights in the sky. You might say I have been activated. What now?

Clip on the storey page above then return here:

If you wish to read all the blog pages be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the links tab to older blog pages and read the section on the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, I think many will find that very interesting. Please note all updates are posted on the blog pages.

check out the links page to access a radio interview on you tube about this book and it's author.

A video (DVD) of Alec's presentation at the 2011 Nexus Conference is now available from the Nexus Magazine web site. Includes some unpublished information.

The video presentation runs for a full 90min and covers a condensed version of childhood encounters, interplanetary interactions and some of the latest revelations concerning a destroyed alien base here on earth. This is a fully illustrated slideshow presentation and I recommend it for greater understanding of the coevolution story.

Hard copies of Coevolution also available from Nexus Mag. 

Below a must watch

Listen to David Griffin's independent research in an interview on all things Coev: Let the facts speak for themselves.

note there are 4 parts to his interview

  Please note the Blog pages for quick updates. 

Blue Diamonds Blue ETs at last a picture

go to latest blog page for more details 

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PDF "E Book" version of Coevolution is available from here US$15 through paypal

Please note this is still the older 2011 edition the new edition should be avalable in the next few months and I would advise you wait for its release 

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"Super , fascinating book, I can really recomend it, pushes the mind to its outer limits, also love him talking about his experiance, very eloquent speaker, no nonsense guy. LOVE..."


Coevolution is a great book Alec. I'm now looking to get hold of the update....can't wait :)"