Coevolution the story that won't go away!

New Edition on the way hopefully by Early 2019, there have been delays life gets in the way.  

The deepest darkest part of Coevolution has yet to be told. And as my editor publisher keeps reminding me, this story is not over yet!


I thought it was all over, I was wrong!

11.11am NZ time Wednesday 8th December 2010

It has all started up again.

Almost 22 years had past now the dreams have come back and there are lights in the sky. You might say I have been activated. What now?

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check out the links page to access a radio interview on you tube about this book and it's author.


A video (DVD) of Alec's presentation at the 2011 Nexus Conference is now available from the Nexus Magazine web site. Includes some unpublished information.

The video presentation runs for a full 90min and covers a condensed version of childhood encounters, interplanetary interactions and some of the latest revelations concerning a destroyed alien base here on earth.  This is a fully illustrated slideshow presentation and I recommend it for greater understanding of the coevolution story. 

Hard copies of Coevolution also available from Nexus Mag. 



Below a must watch
Listen to David Griffin's independent research in an interview on all things Coev: Let the facts speak for themselves.
note there are 4 parts to his interview



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  • "Super , fascinating book, I can really recomend it, pushes the mind to its outer limits, also love him talking about his experiance, very eloquent speaker, no nonsense guy. LOVE..."
  • "Coevolution is a great book Alec. I'm now looking to get hold of the update....can't wait :)"