OK here's the rub

Posted by Alec Newald on August 11, 2014 at 8:10 PM

OK here's the rub, been asked to Summarize, my theory at least. Work on making the magnetic shield around the earth unstable, maybe induce a pole shift before nature intended, maybe suspend the pole shift in mid steam, causing massive amounts of solar radiation to bombard the earth for a few years, cleansing it of most life forms. Step back in and take over without ever firing a shot! Well just maybe that's a plan of attack.


If you have a weapon that is expansive, is metallic in nature and can maybe induce it's own fields of force and can saturate the oceans with enough magnetic energy to overcome that manufactured by the earth naturally, making use of the fact the earth's magnetic fields are weakening naturally, and a pole shift my come as nature intended so it's hurrying along the process, and then intends to hold the fields at their weakest to fry us all.


Just a thought, but what is it about those briefcases and underground facilities and bunkers that all countries in the know have been building over the past decade and maybe longer that makes me think this is the deal we face unless the Blues and a few others can arrest the advancements of the black goo. Why is the whole of North America encompassed in such a weak field? We have been told of alien action off the west coast, we know about the Gulf of Mexico and possible east coast contamination. The gulf stream has started to act irrationally these past few seasons, maybe influenced by magnetic and other black goo induced irregularities.


They are spraying the atmosphere so openly because they can't hide it from us, and then denying it is happening, what is all that about if not terra-forming for someone. Are my speculations so wild and baseless? Something is happening, the weather is going nuts and has been since they started spraying.


OK I'm just about done with this total reveal, do you blame me for sitting on my thoughts. I'm not a doom merchant, I see the light out of this dark tunnel. So do my Blue Friends. They have the technology to kill the black Goo. The Nordics have the connections in high office to weed out the banking killers and the Royal House of the Draco establishment, and are doing so as we speak. We have the inbuilt ability to close out the mind parasites that can control us if we give them permission, it all looks good, if not for half the world saturated in a poisonous nano-tech.


Watch the Oceans, watch the dolphins, watch the sky. More if and when I have it.


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Reply Erica Laszlo
5:53 AM on October 4, 2014 
Super , fascinating book, I can really recomend it, pushes the mind to its outer limits, also love him talking about his experiance, very eloquent speaker, no nonsense guy. LOVE IT!! Wish there were more interviews with him.