Quotes Super , fascinating book, I can really recomend it, pushes the mind to its outer limits, also love him talking about his experiance, very eloquent speaker, no nonsense guy. LOVE IT!! Wish there were more interviews with him. Quotes

Quotes Coevolution is a great book Alec. I'm now looking to get hold of the update....can't wait :) Quotes

Quotes Dear Alec, I loved your book Coevolution. For some reason, everything I read, I already knew, even though I have never experienced anything like you have. Thanks so much. It reaffirmed things that I had thought. Quotes

Quotes Dear Alec, I have been listening to Coast2CoastAM / Art Bell since 1997 and I just wanted to let you know this is the first book I have purchased from a guest on the show. I cannot tell you how amazed I am about your story. Quotes
Aug 2011

Quotes Dear Alec, NEXUS Magazine, Just finished reading the book CoEvolution on a recommendation from "high above" ... and what a good advice that was! My deepest appreciations to Alec and the publisher for bringing forward this information in an updated edition. Quotes
Aug 2011