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It’s not really possible to write about oneself or even present a case in the first person. Why should you believe me? I could say anything about anything and without tangible proof why should you believe a word I say?

So all I can pass on to you is what others have said about me and this adventure I have survived!

Certainly most have suggested it’s a unique case to study. Most also suggest it has credibility and that my honesty has never been in question. Nothing and no one has been able to disprove any aspect of this case in over 20 years! and recently facts have come to light that only reinforce the credibility of events I have related over the years.

What is it all about then?

As a child I seem to have been selected for a mission, further study suggested this mission was drawn up even before my conception on this planet.  

Things you need to understand are:

most UFO’s have pilots, mostly these pilots don’t live on earth full time.

If you have difficulty with that fact you need to read about it more deeply. Just like in the case of 911, if you take a stance on what happened without reading most everything that has been written on that event which includes both sides of the argument, you have done yourself a disservice.

Once you come to the understanding that many UFOs have pilots then you have to ask what are these pilots actually doing here?

My story will answer that question, in at least in one case.

And so the story begins…… read the book!


What follows below is a possiblity that is only just becoming real in one form or another.








The message found encoded in the above crop glyph suggested "beware of false gifts" and also contained an encrypted reference to the location of the Roswell crash site. The fact that it looks so like the drawing to the left which is of a computer chip which was one of the objects extracted from one of the crashed UFO's at Roswell, might well be telling us the way computer chips are made could be a 'Trojan gift' to the human race. What a great way to sucker the human race into taking this so called alien artifact to our hearts thinking we stole it, how clever are we for doing so? Now computers run our world so how easy would it be to control us, spy on us, take us out if needed by having the secret to the Trojan chip? 

Was this warning from a friendly group of Aliens who also stated in the crop glyph that there are good out there as well. Perhaps looking on, not wanting to interfere as their code of conduct suggests they should not, but also not wanting us to be deceived by those that have broken the code?   


The first question everyone should be asking is who launched the ICBM off the USA west coast in November this year?

How can anyone launch such a thing and everyone turn the other way and say I didn't see that?

“Nobody within the Department of Defense that we’ve reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said. “So far, we’ve come up empty with any explanation.”

Lapan said officials are talking to the Air Force, Navy and NORAD as well as civilian authorities who control and monitor air space.

“Right now, all indications are that there was not (Department of Defense) involvement in this,” Lapan said, adding that some object might have been launched by a private company.

                                                                         A private company!!!


My opening notes from the new edition of Coevolution

Authors note




I find it rather strange over 20 years have come and gone since the experience, 15 years have passed since the original manuscript was submitted for publication, and here I am finally putting the true meaning of that title down on paper. Perhaps this is the first time I have stood back and reexamined the entire manuscript and the events related therein without the fallout from such still stacked around me.


 I should hope I see the world and my life’s experiences with a broader perspective now more than 6 decades of it have come and gone. I was sidetracked in a way when that first edition was written, describing everything that happened including what I saw and experienced, that I seem to have forgotten to highlight the whole point of it all.


During that experience I meet up with a group of people who had lost their way in the grander sense of those words.  It appears I had been groomed since pre-conception to help them out! This was one aspect incorporated into the title Coevolution, but you could call that a localized event, what has it got to do with the human race one might ask?


I think simply this these people had lost their way because they released the connection to their routes. Co-existence, Co-evolution, Co-operation, suggest things are done in unison, in partnership, it is only recently I have learnt just how important the connection between planet and people really is. It might seem remiss of me as this connection is talked about often in new age literature and more importantly in ancient texts. I guess you might say I lost sight of the forest because of the trees. The meaning is still there in the original manuscript but I never highlighted it as I should have, it is vitally important.


The human race is at a crossroads, a nexus, technology now allows simulation of the real thing in many forms, is it about to separate us from our routes? I can feel it coming, maybe you can to, why go out and do the real thing if you can sit at home in the comfort of your lounge and simulate the doing, it’s cheaper and far easier, even safer. It’s almost becoming a disease or is it already a disease, one with dire consequences for the continuing evolution of our race?


These others that lost their way removed themselves from their home planet, one might suggest that was an accident rather than design but the end result was the same, a degeneration of their evolutionary path to the point they are facing extinction.


It would appear unless you are grounded too and in complete unison with your parent planet you can expect most evolutionary steps or leaps to pass you by. As if that were not enough to digest, it would appear we are under the influence of outside forces, I refer to these in my manuscript as dark forces, because it would appear they are hell bent on holding back any evolutionary steps the human race might be due to participate in. Yes you might have guessed it the dark forces are masters of simulation and deception, take 9/11 for instance, this is a master stroke of deception from everyway you look at it, and its ultimate aim was another war, more hatred fear and despair. A signature of the dark forces if ever there was one, and it happened in broad daylight right under our noses.


Beware the human race if we travel to far down the road of disconnection to reality in all aspects of life. It would appear you can’t even trust your own eyes to distinguish fact from fiction when the tricksters are at the top of their game. The Tricksters another name for the Dark Ones, the masters of simulation. 


My attention has recently been drawn to the Nag Hammadi Codices, described as the oldest bound books in existence, strange that they should tell a similar story. All this is only by way of a warning, if you are strong of will you are still in charge of your own destiny, there is still time to reconnect, reevaluate, and hopefully participate. We have always had free will and we still do, it’s your choice to be free or controlled.     


The other aspect of this adventure that I need to address was my failure in the first edition of this book to describe how my hosts, the people of Haven, see the world in which they live, or indeed how they see the universe as a whole. In many ways it will sound contradictory to what I have just described in the first half of these notes. It does show I believe, that my hosts eventually realized the error of their ways and have attempted to address that shortfall in their thinking. Perhaps this is another guide to us here on earth, I surely do hope we as a race still have the time to redirect our endeavors.


My hosts are indeed an alien race, my problem was writing up my adventure from my own perspective, a 40year old European male complete with western style upbringing with no overseas travel experience to fall back on. By that I mean I had never even had to interact with anyone from outside of my own narrow western belief system, let alone people that call earth in general, foreign territory. So now I will attempt to do what I should have done 15 or 16 years ago when Coevolution was first published.


To ‘them’ everything is alive, everything therefore has a personality, including planet earth. If they were to describe to you a poison that you should avoid in your drinking water, they might call it a dark force, a negative being that could negate your life. This puts an entirely different perspective on the way things are talked about in general conversation. I never did explain this clearly enough in the first edition. Almost everything I saw or touched on Haven, their home planet, was alive, this included machinery and building, as we would know them. They have a personality and therefore a relationship that would be closer to a family pet back on earth. When they arrive back at their dwelling place after a time away they greet it as another living entity, a friend, a loved one, they have a bonding relationship with this shelter. They talk with it just as earth people talk to their pets. The house or dwelling responds at times, almost with a flush of colour, windows or viewing ports open on command where once a solid wall would have been, if requested, such was the interaction. So when trying to relate to you what they have told me about many things, I failed to interpret correctly some of these statements so that you might see the meanings more clearly from our perspective.


One glaring example of this failure has been brought to my attention of late due to recent happenings upon planet earth, and that is the dark force that Haven scientists had been investigating below ground in an area of our southern oceans near Antarctica, and in a similar way the ‘dark force’ that permeates our planet’s atmosphere, these will be described to you in more detail later. 

These are living entities in the mindset of my alien hosts, but you and I might not see them in that light. To us they might be more literally translated as toxic chemicals in the soil or storm systems in our atmosphere. I think that is our short sightedness, rather than their over simplification.


So I hope this goes a little way into opening up your perception of at least one type of alien thinking and interpretation of the world around us, maybe it will allow you to better understand my journey amongst them. After 10 days in their company I too began to think like this, to almost become one of them, so when I started to write up these adventures in part the explanations came from their mind set rather than ours, I should have made this more clear to the reader, it is an oversight that has been a long time in the correction.  







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